Donald Arthur Price (1900-1974) Letter


                                                                                                                           Harbor Springs, Mich.
                                                                                                                                    July 10, 1915.

Dear Kenneth : -

How is everything in Lansing? All is O. K. here.

I arrived here two days ago and have been too busy having a good time to write before.

It rained in the night and it is quite muddy this morning so I guess it's a good time to write.

The scenery around this part of the country is beautiful. There are great bluffs, covered with trees, vines, and flowers, over which there are many pleasant roads.

In back of my uncles's house there is a great bluff up which run wooden steps and from whose to[p] you can see the country for miles around including a fine view of the harbor and town.

Harbor Springs, from the Bluff

Yesterday all of us went fishing. Part of the crowd fished from the docks, which extend far out into the water, while the rest went out in boats. I went in a boat in which there was a boy who lives next door to my uncle, whose acquaintance I made on my arrival, and my uncle.

The water is very clear and you can see the bottom when standing on the dock although it may be more than twenty feet down.

We had a fine time fishing and caught quite a few large fist, part of which we took home and part of which we gave to an old Indian who lives near the docks.

Well as the sun is drying up the mud I guess I'll close this letter and write another soon.

I remain your friend,

Donald Price.

P. S. - Send my mail to:

Donald Price
Harbor Springs, Mich.
% Frederick Main

Uncle Fred's house is two blocks up to the left of this card

Donald and Uncle Fred, 10 years after this letter
Uncle Fred's home in the 1950's, the boardwalk begins at the right edge of the picture
View from the top of the Boardwalk, July 1st, 2009


  1. How fun to hear grandpa in this letter and see our familiar sites "back in the day!!" Thanks for sharing!

  2. was there any dates on the postcards?