Richard Truman Ashby (1872-1920)

Richard Truman Ashby
Grandpa Ashby
Born:2 Apr 1872 Mountain Meadows, Utah
Died:14 Oct 1920 Fillmore, Utah
Father:Nathaniel Ashby
Mother:Martha Ann Truman
SiblingsRichard Truman Ashby
Jacob Henry Ashby
Elizabeth Ann Ashby
Alice May Ashby
Emma Lualla Ashby
Rodney Carlos Ashby
John Franklin Powell
Jesse Truman Powell
Nathaniel Ashby Powell
Married:14 Nov 1894 Manti, Utah
Spouse:Minnie Colegrove
Children:Martha Geneva Ashby
Richard Eugene Ashby
Fern Ashby
Alice May Ashby

The Progress, about 22 Oct 1920 [found in the scrapbook of Scott Ashby Speakman]:

Richard T. Ashby
Laid at Rest

A depressing gloom was cast over the whole community last Saturday when the sorrowful news was passed from one to another that the esteemed citizen, Richard T. Ashby, had died unexpectedly and apparently very suddenly of heart failure at his farm. Saturday morning he was found by two neighbors in his farm house in a sitting position where he had apparently died a sudden and painless death. The fact that he still wore his boots and his hat indicated that he must have come in from the days work, sat upon the couch and passed away without a struggle. It is thought probable that he died on the evening of October 14th.

The funeral services were held last Monday and the Ward Chapel was filled beyond capacity, not only with townspeople but many form all parts of the county and other parts of the state. It was one of the largest funerals ever held in Millard County.

The speakers were all eloquent and feelingly earnest in extolling the many virtues of that good man. They were Bishop Rufus Day, John Cooper, Attorney James Alex Melville and Judge D. H. Morris. Resolutions of respect and condolence from County Officials at the Court House were read by County Attorney Grover A. Giles. The group of lawyers and court officials now holding court here also presented resolutions of respect. Court was adjourned for the day in recognition of Mr. Ashby's faithful services as County and District Court Clerk for three successive terms.
Mrs. Helen Derrick who came down from Salt Lake especially to attend the funeral, sang very beautifully "The Holy City". The ward Choir led by T. Clark Callister furnished appropriate music.

The floral offerings were profuse and most beautiful -- flowers coming from many parts of the state between St. George on the south and Salt Lake on the north.

A large cortege followed the remains to the silent city where the grave was dedicated by Bishop Rufus Day.

Richard Ashby was born at St. George April 2nd, 1872, the son of Nathan and Martha Ashby. They came to Fillmore in the year 1885. Both of his parents have been dead many years.

Ashby Family ca 1912
He is survived by his wife and four children, three daughters and one son, all whom reside in Fillmore, also by one sister, Mrs. John McBride of Tooele, Utah and a brother Jesse Powell of Manti, Utah.

Mr. Ashby has always been active in church and civic affairs and has held many positions of trust. At the time of his death he was a director of the East Millard Canal Company and Republican Precinct chairman. His friends are legion, won honestly by a life of kindness and service. He was big hearted, honest, industrious and a potent power for good. The people of Millard County will not soon forget the life and service of Richard Ashby.

The sympathy of the whole community goes to the widow and children at this their sad hour.


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*Marriage: Millard County Marriage Register, Book B, p. 55, #23:
The People of the Territory of Utah}
                            County of Millard}       Marriage License
To any person legally Authorized to solemnize marriage, Greeting:
           You are hereby Authorized to Join in Holy Matrimony Mr. Richard T. Ashby, of Fillmore City, in the County of Millard, and Territory of Utah, of the age of 22 years, and Miss Minnie Colegrove, of Fillmore City, in the County of Millard, and Territory of Utah, of the age of 22 years.
     Witness my hand as clerk of the Probate Court and seal the seal of said Court hereto affixed at my office in Fillmore City, in said County, this 12th day of November A. D. 1894
                                    J. S. Giles  Clerk of Probate Court
                                By                        Deputy
Territory of Utah,   }
                              }  ss.
County of Sanpete, }            I hereby certify, that on the Fourteenth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-four at Manti City in said County, I, undersigned, an Elder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did join in the Holy Bands of Matrimony, according to law, Richard T. Ashby, of the County of Millard Territory of Utah, and Minnie Colegrove of the County of Millard, Territory of Utah. The nature of the ceremony was according to the rites of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was a present mutual agreement of marriage between the parties for all time.
We were Married as stated in this Certificate, and are now husband & wife.
Signed Richard T. Ashby                    Groom}
Signed Minnie Colegrove                       Bride}            John D. G. McAllister
In the presence of John Tuttle          Witness}              Elder
                          Wm. B. Lowrey    Witness}

*Election: The Progress, Friday, Nov 15, 1907, p. 1.
                Mayor 14 Nov 1907.

*Accident: The Progress-Review, Vol. 19, No. 32, Fillmore, Utah, Friday, 9 August 1912, p. 8:
                  As Richard T. Ashby, A. J. Ashman and Frank Carling were on their way to the field late last Tuesday evening in a buggy, the team got frightened and started to run away, spilling the occupants of the buggy. Ashman and Carling escaped unhurt but Ashby while holding on to the lines got bruised some and was kicked by one of the horses, but is able to be around again and at work.

*Election: The Progress-Review, Vol. 19, No. 46, Fillmore, Utah, Friday, 15 November 1912, p. 1:
                  Election Results: Richard T. Ashby wins County Clerk with 1101 votes

*Gift: The Millard County Progress-Review, Vol. 19, No. 52, Fillmore, Millard County, Utah, Friday,
           27 December 1912,  p. 12:
           Ex Supt Richard Ashby was the recipient of a pleasant surprise last Thursday evening. It was given by the officers of the S. S. As a token of their appreciation of his labors, they presented him with a fountain pen and a silk muffler.

*Operation: The Progress, Vol. 28, No. 11, Fillmore, Millard County, Utah, Friday, 14 Mar 1919,  p. 8:
                   Former County Clerk Richard T. Ashby, who recently underwent a major operation at a Salt Lake Hospital at the hands of Dr. Stevens arrived home on Thursday last. We are glad to see that Mr. Ashby has entirely recovered his health.

*Death: Register (Record) of Deaths, Fillmore City, Utah, Book 2, p. 21, no. 377:
            Richard T. ASHBY
            age: 48y 6m 12d;  male, caucasian, white
            30 year resident of Fillmore
            Born: St. George, Washington Co., Utah
            married, farmer
            Last residence: Fillmore City
            Cause: Heart Desease found Dead at Farm alone
            Died: 14 Oct 1920
            Buried: Fillmore City Cemetary, block 100, lot 4
            Informant: Richard E. Ashby.

*Burial: Lichfield, Beulah Menlove. Cemetery Records, Fillmore, Millard County, Utah, p. 2:
                        Name: ASHBY, Richard T.
                        Born: 2 Apr 1872 at St George, Washington Co., Utah
                        Son of: Nathaniel Ashby & Martha Trumain
                        Died: 14 Oct 1920
                        Buried: Block 100, lot 4
                        Reported by: Richard E. Ashby
                        Comments: Was married
                                           Had lived 30 yrs in Fillmore
                                           Was a farmer

*Burial: Fillmore City Corporation, Cemetery Single Line List, by Deceased Name, 22 Apr 1990, p. 9:
                        ASHBY, Richard T.
                        BLK 100, Lot 4, Grave 1
                        d. 10-14-1920

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