Helen Venera McBride (1833-1916)

Helen Venera McBride Brown Colegrove
Grandma Colegrove
Born:22 Feb 1833 Villenova, New York
Died:31 Jan 1916 Fillmore, Utah
Father:Reuben McBride
Mother:Mary Ann Anderson
SiblingsHelen Venera McBride
Harriet Eliza McBride
Reuben Augustus McBride
Mary Louisa McBride
Roy Hyrum McBride
Emma Jerutia McBride
John Newton McBride
Laura Abigail McBride
Alice Melissa McBride
Married:7 Jul 1854 Fillmore, Utah
Spouse:Samuel Brown
Children:Samuel Reuben Brown
Florence Melissa Brown
Married:12 Dec 1869
Spouse:Harley Ingersoll Colegrove
Children:Lester Clark Colegrove
Minnie Colegrove
Harley Eugene Colegrove

by Fern Robison, granddaughter

Helen Venera McBride was born February 22, 1833 at Villenova, New York, the oldest child of Reuben and Mary Ann McBride. When she was a year old her parents moved to Kirtland, Ohio, where her father spent much of his time doing church work, as he had been called for a minute man. When Helen was seventeen her father went in company with President Young to Utah. Two years later he returned to Kirtland to bring his family to the Great Salt Lake Valley. When they arrived they lived in Farmington and Springville. Sometime later they moved to Fillmore as her father was called to settle there by Brigham Young.

Helen married Samuel Brown July 6, 1854. To this union two children were born: Florence Melissa, and Samuel. She was very happy with her family, though they were quite poor and she was obliged to go without many necessities.

In October, 1856, the sad news came to her that her husband and Josiah Call had been killed by Indians. They were returning from the north when they were attacked by Indians on Chicken Creek Hill. They were shot, scalped and hung by their feet in a cedar tree. After this the Indians cut their throats and tied a red handkerchief around Samuel's neck.

When her husband was killed Helen did not have flour in her bin, wood to burn, or money to buy the things needed for her little family. During the lonely years that followed she spend most of her time at the ranch, later known as Almon Robison's ranch, milking cows and making butter and cheese to sell. Most of the time she walked to town carrying her produce so she could sell it.

After she had lived as a widow for thirteen years, she was married to Harley I. Colgrove on December 12, 1860 in Salt Lake City by Joseph F. Smith. To this union three children were born: Lester, Minnie and Eugene. Harley Colgrove served in the Civil War in "Company A" in the 20th Illinois Infantry.
After several years Helen was once again left a widow. She had to work very hard to raise her family. Her oldest daughter, Melissa, married Alma Greenwood and had four children. While the children were small, Melissa died, leaving Helen with another family to raise. She took the children and cared for them many years. Mr. Greenwood married again and cared for them part of the time.

Helen's oldest son had heart trouble for many years. He was with Helen when he died at the age of twenty. It took her years to get over the shock. Through all her troubles, she was brave and cheerful and ready to carry on, and always true to her faith. During her later years Eugene lived with her and cared for her, trying to make her happy. But in March, 1912, when he was 38 years old he suddenly died. Of all her troubles, this seemed the worst.

Her patient, peaceful, unassuming disposition made her a friend of all who new her. Almost everyone called her Aunt Helen. She died January 31, 1916 at her home in Fillmore.


The Progress, Friday, February 4, 1916, p. 1:


The grim hand of death has again been stretched out in our midst this time claiming one of the sweetest old ladies it has been our good fortune to know. Helen Venera McBride was born at Villenovia, N. Y. on February 23rd, 1833. She was married to Samuel Brown at Fillmore on July 6, 1854, her parents having embraced the Mormon faith and emigrated to this section. From this union were born Florence Melissa and Samuel B[r]own. Samuel Brown, Sr., was killed by the indians on October 5, 1856. After living as a widow for 12 years she married Harley I. Colgrove in October of 1869, in Salt Lake City, from which union three children were born, Lester C., Minnie and Harley E. Colgrove. She was again left a widow by the death of her husband in 1881.

In her death Fillmore has lost one of her staunchest supporters, death occurring on January 31, 1916. Had she lived to the 23rd day of this month she would have reached the ripe old age of 83. She was a devout member of the L. D. S. Church from whose chapel in Fillmore funeral services were held yesterday. The speakers at the funeral were James A. Kelly, John Cooper, J. Frank Day, and Thomas C. Callister all of whom testified to the sterling character of the deceased. After some special music by the choir, the remains were followed by a large cortege to the Fillmore cemetery, where interment took place.


*Name variations: Helen B. [Builders, p. 93]
                            Ellin [1850 census]
                            Hellen [1860 census]

*Day, Stella H., ed. Builders of Early Millard, pp. 93, 134, 135, 286, 292, 465, 468.

*McBride, Virginia. Charles R. McBride Memorial, p. 20.

*The Progress, Friday, 10 Dec 1948, Obituary: Ashby, Minnie Colegrove

*Birth variations: 23 Feb 1833 [Builders, p. 134]
                          22 Feb 1833 [Builders, p. 468]

*1850 Federal Census, Ohio, Lake County, Kirtland District no. 85, page 457/229,
                 Dwelling #279, Family #289, Enumerated 21 October 1850:
                McBride, Reuben
                                Ellin, 17, f, OH

*Marriage: FHL Film #1059486, Item #4, Rogers, Sarah. Fillmore Branch Registration, p. 1:
                 Number: 6
                 Male: Samuel Brown
                 Female: Helen McBride
                 Registered: 7 Feb 1859, at Fillmore, by John Kelly
                 Married: 7 Jul 1854 (at Fillmore), by Reuben McBride

*Marriage variations: 6 Jul 1854 [Builders, p. 93, 134]
                                18 Oct 1859 [Memorial, p. 20]

*1860 Federal Census, Utah, Millard County, Fillmore City, Page #107,
                Dwelling #932, Family #847, enumerated 14 Jul 1860:
                BROWN, Hellen, 27, f, 400/1000, NY
                                 Sam'l. R., 5, m, U. T., att school
                                 Florence, 3, f, U. T.
                CRANMAR, Jno., 28, m, France

*2nd Marriage, variations: 12 Dec 1860 [Builders, p. 135]
                                            Oct 1859, Salt Lake [obituary]

*Query: Were they married in Fillmore first, then traveled up to Salt Lake later to be sealed?--SDR

*2nd Sealing: FHL Film #1149515, Salt Lake Temple and Endowment House Records, Sealing Records - Living, Book F, 1867-1870, p. 92, #14890:
                     Colegrove, Harley
                     Born: 16 Nov 1838, Franklin Co., Vermont
                     Sealed (for time) to:
                     Brown, Helen McBride
                     Born: 22 Feb 1830, Villanova, Chauttauqua, New York
                     Solemnized by: Jos. F. Smith
                     20 Dec 1869, in the Endowment House
                     Witnesses: Geo. Anderson
                                       W. W. Phelps

*1870 Federal Census, Utah, Millard County, Town: Fillmore, Post Office:
                Fillmore, Enumerated 27 Jun 1870, page 17, Dwelling 153, Family 142:
                COLGROVE, Harley
                                        Helen B., 36, f, w, Keeping House, N.Y.

*1880 Federal Census, Utah, Millard County, Fillmore City & Precinct, Page #11, Dwelling #88,
                Family #99, Enumerated 8 Jun 1880:
                Colegrove, Harley
                                  Helen, w, f, 47, wife, married, kh, NY, NY, NY

*Note: Record of Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Fillmore Ward, Millard Stake, 1882 - 1897, p. 19 lists Helen V. Colegrove as a member.

*Note: The Progress, Vol. 24, No. 47, Fillmore, Millard County, Utah, Friday, 26 Nov 1915,  p. 8:
             Mrs. Helen Colgrove is reported as being quite ill this week. We hope for her speedy recovery.

*Death: Register (Record) of Deaths, Fillmore City, Utah, Book 2, p. 29, no. 532:
            Hellen V. Colegrove
            Age: 82y 11m 7d
            female, caucasian, white
            Born: Elmira, NY
            widow, no occupation
            Last residence: Fillmore City
            Cause: old age
            Died: 31 Jan 1916
            Buried: Fillmore City Cemetary, block 101, lot 1
            Informant: Richard Ashby.

*Burial: Lichfield, Beulah Menlove. Cemetery Records, Fillmore, Millard County, Utah, p. 16:
                        Name: Colgrove, Hellen V.
                        Born: 23 Feb 1835 in Emira, New York
                        Daughter of: Ruben McBride and Mary Ann Anderson
                        Died: 31 Jan 1916
                        Buried: in Fillmore, Blk 101, Lot 1
                        Reported by: Ritchard Ashby
                        Comments: was a widow

*Obituary: Rogers, Sadie. East Millard Pioneers, Death Notices, As Published in the Progress 1913-1937, p. 51.

*Burial: Fillmore City Corporation, Cemetery Single Line List, by Deceased Name, 22 Apr 1990, p. 16:
                        COLGROVE, Helen
                        BLK 101, Lot 1, Grave 2
                        d. 1-31-1916

*Biography: Day, Stella H., ed. Builders of Early Millard, pp. 134, 135

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